Activity Color Status

Understanding when the colors for last activity status of a candidate updates.

Activity color status on a candidate card indicate when the last time an activity took place on a candidate:
color status lever

This is useful so you can focus on candidates who are slipping away. Please note you cannot customize the number of days for the activity color status. The default settings are:

Green  Last activity < 5 days ago
Yellow  Last activity >= 5 days ago and last activity < 8 days ago
Red  Last activity >= 8 days ago and < 30 days ago
Grey  Last activity > 30 days ago

The following actions will count as an activity that will update the status color:

  • Candidate/opportunity stage change
  • Scheduling an Interview
  • Submitting feedback on a candidate profile
  • Adding a note
  • Sending an email
  • Adding a resume or file on the candidate profile
  • Creating or Sending an Offer

The following actions do not update the status color:

  • Adding a candidate to a new job or creating a new opportunity
  • Completing an interview
  • Adding or removing a tag