Moving Candidates and Other Actions

Take actions in TalentWall and they will sync to Greenhouse.

Save time by staying in TalentWall to manage your candidates. Here are the actions you can take and they will also update in Greenhouse.

Moving Candidates to a New Stage

From the Wall, you can drag and drop candidate cards to move them to a new stage, and this change will sync in real time with Greenhouse. Moving a candidate card will trigger any actions in Greenhouse that you set up for stage changes. For example, if a candidate moves to a recruiter screen, it will trigger the email to go out to schedule that call if you set that specific action for this stage in Greenhouse.

To move candidates to a different stage in TalentWall, you will need to have write-access (not "Read-only" access) and be on the hiring team for the role or be the owner of the candidate.

Adding Notes

When you open a candidate's card, you can also type in notes which will sync back to Greenhouse.

*You cannot see or add notes to private candidates at this time.

Transfer a candidate to a different job

Within the candidate's card, click on the Transfer button to move the candidate to a new role, and select the stage where they should be in.

Rejecting a Candidate

You can also click on the Reject button to reject the candidate, and select a template to email the candidate.