Job Filters and Sorting

Use job filters and sorting to easily find and focus on specific jobs.


If you have a large number of roles that you need to organize, use the filters and sorting options to stay organized:

Job Filters

You can find different subsets of roles by using the job filters at the top:

Under the All Jobs tab at the top of the Wall, you can filter jobs by these attributes:

  • Department
  • Office
  • User
  • Custom Fields
  • Job Name

The user filter operates by hiring team, and custom fields will be visible if they are values that are single-select, multi-select, yes/no, and non-private. In the All jobs tab, you’ll only be able to see all the jobs you have access to see in Greenhouse.

Note that if a department with sub-departments is selected, it will automatically select all its sub-departments, and the sub-departments will then be hidden from the drop-down list.

To save a subset of roles, simply create a new Wall tab with the desired filters by clicking on the plus icon at the top:


You will find a sort option at the top right corner of the jobs section in the All Jobs tab, there you can sort by Name, Priority, or Employment Type.

You can also click on the Reorder button at the top to arrange the roles in the order you want:

Please note that the reorder button will only appear if you have less than 20 roles. You can create another Wall tab with a smaller set of roles if you need to reorder them.

Job Priorities

You can filter jobs by priority and create tabs with different priorities. The priorities are set in Greenhouse using the priority custom field - find more information here.