How do I enable SSO?

Set up SSO for your team

To enable SSO, please reach out to support[at] and provide the following:

  • Entity ID
  • SSO Target URL
  • SAML Certificate

Additionally, you can specify the following user settings:

  • Auto-provisioning of new users
  • Hard-enforcement of SSO
  • Which default permissions are needed for each new auto-provisioned user, which can be managed here if you are a TalentWall admin:
    The default permissions are "yes" or "no" for the following: 
    • View all hired: Checking this allows the user to see any candidates marked as hired in Greenhouse. Otherwise, if this is unchecked, the user would only be able to see hires for roles they have access to in Greenhouse.
    • Read-only: Read-only means that the user can only view what's in TalentWall, but not make any changes. (Moving a candidate to another stage for example.)
    • View analytics: This is "all-or-nothing" access that would allow users to see all data in Analytics, regardless of their permissions in Greenhouse. (But they would not be able to see names of candidates for roles they do not have access to in Greenhouse.)

Within the your IdP, input the following TalentWall's settings:

Entity ID:

Once SSO is set up, users can then log into TalentWall through the SSO provider app, or by a unique SP-initiated link that TalentWall will share with you after the integration is enabled.

For Okta customers, we've built an app within the Okta catalogue for an easier integration. Please refer to the Okta documentation for setting up SSO.

If you're using Google for SSO, then use the following:
Entity ID: