How do I enable SSO for TalentWall?

Set up SSO for your TalentWall instance

This article will cover the following:

General SAML SSO configuration

  1. To enable SSO, reach out to support[at] and provide the following information from your IdP:
    1. Entity ID (this might also be called the IDP Issuer; Azure calls this the AD Identifier)
    2. SSO Target URL (this might also be called the Login URL)
    3. SAML Certificate
  2. Please specify if you would like to auto-provision TalentWall accounts for new users who login via SAML SSO. If yes, then select which default permissions should be set up for these users:
      1. Enable or disable read-only access?
      2. Enable or disable access to Analytics?
      3. Enable or disable visibility of hired private candidates?
  3. Within your IdP, input the following SP settings for TalentWall:

    SP Entity ID
    SP Endpoint

Once SSO is set up, users can then log into TalentWall through the SSO provider app, or by a unique SP-initiated link that TalentWall will share with you after the integration is enabled.

Special instructions for Okta 

For Okta customers, please do not set up the pre-built TalentWall app from the Okta catalogue. Instead, create a custom app using the following settings.

  1. Create a new SAML 2.0 app.
  2. Entering the following information:

    Entity ID

    Name ID format: EmailAddress
    Application Username: Email


Special instructions for Google SSO

If you are using Google for SSO, then enter the following for your Entity ID and Endpoint URL:

Entity ID: