BambooHR Connector for Crosschq Insights

How to Upload Employee Data via BambooHR

How to Sync Your Employee Data Automatically with BambooHR

Employee .csv files can be synced via an API with your BambooHR HRIS.

To automatically sync with BambooHR select the Setup HRIS Integration Button, then enable the slider within Crosschq by following the next steps.

Login to your Crosschq administrator account, then click Organization Settings > Connectors item on the menu. Locate the BambooHR listing in the main panel, then click the Manage button.

Enter the appropriate information such as URL, Username, and Password. Select save changes. 

How to enable the integration within BambooHR

Step 1: Create a custom BambooHR report

Create a custom JSON report in BambooHR that has your required fields and includes active and terminated workers.

The custom report must:
  1. Include all required fields and includes active and terminated workers.
  2. Have "web services enabled" so that Crosschq can successfully communicate with the BambooHR.
  3.  Reports-as-a-Service API.
  4. Be in JSON format.
  5. Have a report owner with appropriate permissions to access all demographics that appear in the report.
  6. At a minimum, include the following fields:
    • First Name (firstName)
    • Last Name (lastName)
    • Email (Email_-_Primary_Work_or_Primary_Home)
    • Hire Date (Hire_Date)
    • Termination Date (termination_date)
    • Termination Reason (Termination_Reason)
    • Regrettable termination (termination_regrettable)
    • Employee_ID
    • Manager_ID
    • Job Title (Job_Title)
    • Termination Primary (termination_primary) 
    • You can also include:
    • Date of Birth (dateOfBirth)
    • Marital_Status = Married (Marital_Status___Married)
    • Mobile Phone (Mobile_Phone_Number_with_Country_Code)
    • Recruiter (Recruiter)
    • Division (Division)
    • Employee Type (Employee_Type)
    • Time Type (Time_Type)
    • Pay Rate Type (Pay_Rate_Type)
    • Gender (Gender)
    • Ethnicity Code (Ethnicity_Code)
    • Comment start Source (Source)
    • Education (education)

Step 2: Generate Report Credentials

BambooHR report information is pulled into Crosschq in JSON format. The following credentials need to be pulled from your BambooHR report to successfully initiate the Connector with Crosschq:

  • URL in JSON format. Note the end of the URL specifies the report format;
  • Username (Connector user name, not email) to access report;
  • Password to access report;
  • This process will likely require working with your IT team and/or a BambooHR technical representative. 

Step 3: Add the Connector in Crosschq

Once you have the report configured, add the Connector in Crosschq by entering the URL of the report, and the username and password used to access the report.