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Candidate Did Not Receive Reference Request

If a Candidate Did Not Receive a Request/a Request is in Spam

We sporadically have spam issues with emails we send to Gmail accounts (we rarely see a spam issue with Yahoo, Outlook, or other email providers). Google uses AI for spam detection, and its algorithm constantly changes and is often wrong. This is frustrating, as Crosschq's emails are transactional in nature and are very important to the recipient. We never send spam. We're working on this issue with consultants and email experts to optimize our email server settings and email formats to reduce the Gmail spam issue, and we plan to keep investing in improving our deliverability. In the meantime, please note that we also send SMS notifications to every candidate and reference. Candidates/references will receive these messages 100% of the time, regardless of the spam issue. We recommend directing candidates/references to their SMS messages if they didn't receive the email from Crosschq.