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Configure your Crosschq connector with SmartRecruiters

Please note that tags should be all lowercaseRead the sections below to learn more about the steps necessary to connect Crosschq with SmartRecruiters:

Connecting to SmartRecruiters

Login to your Crosschq administrator account, then click Organization Settings > Connectors item on the menu. Locate the SmartRecruiters listing in the main panel, then click the Manage button.

To Enable the connector, click the “Add to SmartRecruiters” button. 

Within SmartRecruiters, allow Crosschq access to integrate.

Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 3.27.22 PM

After a successful login and authorization on SmartRecruiters, Crosschq will present the connection configuration. Navigate back to Crosschq and enable the slider to Make Candidate Requests from SmartRecruiters.

Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 3.27.44 PM

Setting up the connector

Creating Crosschq custom field

Access the Settings section of the SmartRecruiters admin facility, locate the Job Fields link within the Configuration section, and click it.

On the Job Fields page, create a new field with the name "Crosschq tag" and the following setup:

  • Type = free text;
  • Category = job;
  • Visibility = internal;

Then press "Save" and make sure the field is active.

Add Crosschq as a step in the hiring process

Next, navigate back to the Settings section and access the Hiring Process link within the Configuration section.

On the Custom Hiring Process page, click Edit > Add Step > Add Step and type "Crosschq" to add it as a step in the hiring process, then click save.

Crosschq templates configuration

Templates are reference request configurations that are used to trigger requests from ATS connectors. You have to set up your Crosschq templates to be able to send Crosschq requests from an ATS.

Within Crosschq, go to Organization Settings > Templates. Select Create New Template. 

Enter the required information such as the template name, add in an ATS Tag for that template and create a description of the template.  

Within the Request Settings, add in the position, select the appropriate survey, and configure the number/type of references you want to be associated with this request. Please note, the relationship type can either be specified or you can select any relationship type and let the candidate determine the type of reference. Additionally, you can add customized notes to each specific reference request, i.e. "Please provide a manager reference from X company."

From there, add in optional hiring manager information. Finally, you can create custom emails or text messages associated with each template by filling out the custom notifications section. When you are done, select Create Template.

At any point, if you need to edit or delete a template select the three dots next to the template and you can manage from there. 

Adding Template Tags to SmartRecruiters

When using SmartRecruiters, it's important to ensure that any job that you create contains the same tag - so the correct Crosschq request is sent to the candidate. In the figure below, you can see where to add the tag.

Add the Crosschq tag to the corresponding job in the SmartRecruiters platform by taking the following steps.

Select the job you want to add a Crosschq tag to, click the edit button on the job, and within the details section of the job description add the correct Crosschq tag you created within the corresponding template in Crosschq. Continue editing the job and select save. Once you have completed this process, make sure the candidate you are sending through Crosschq is applying for the same job where you have updated the Crosschq tag, this will ensure they receive the correct Crosschq request. 

Please note that tags should be all lowercase

Requestor and Hiring Managers

Read this section to understand how users in the ATS are going to be assigned to the Crosschq request.

Crosschq pulls the Recruiter and Hiring Managers information from the job's Hiring Team in SmartRecruiters.

  • Crosschq will assign as requestor the SmartRecruiters user listed as "Recruiter" within the Job's hiring team. If there is more than one user with recruiter permissions, Crosschq will select the first in the list.
  • Crosschq will assign as Hiring Managers the SmartRecruiters users listed as "Hiring Managers" within the Job's hiring team.

In the following example, Andrea will be assigned as the requestor and Nicole and Hernan as Hiring Managers:

Sending a Crosschq from SmartRecruiters

How to send a Crosschq from SmartRecruiters

To initiate a Crosschq request for a specific candidate, ensure that the candidate has been converted to a lead and has applied for a job with a Crosschq tag.

Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 7.05.23 AM

Then move the candidate along to the Crosschq stage, this will kick off the Crosschq for a candidate.

Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 7.05.31 AM

When a Crosschq request is complete, the owner will receive an email message.

How to view a Crosschq Report

To view the Crosschq report, locate the link in the Notes section on the Candidate page in Smart Recruiters. Copy that link and paste it into the search bar to view the report.

When a candidate is marked as hired in SmartRecruiters this status will be ingested into Crosschq, as will the rejected status. 
We have implemented a new auto-cancelation feature, now when candidates are marked as rejected they will automatically have their reference request canceled within Crosschq.

Prospect ingestion

You can control how to export prospect data from Crosschq to SmartRecruiters. On the SmartRecruiters Connection page in Crosschq, locate these two slider buttons:

Once these are turned on be sure to enable the following setting in SmartRecruiters so Crosschq has access to "Company Settings"

image (97)

Then within Crosschq please fill out the information below:

  • Source type (There is a drop-down to select from)
  • Source id (There is a drop-down to select from)
  • Jobs (There is a dropdown listing all the jobs the org has created)
  • Tags (There is a dropdown of multiple selections. Organizations should be able to type and get autosuggestions from their tags.)

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 14.31.30

Be sure to fill out the "Custom Candidate Sources" within the Settings section in SmartRecruiters, so you can identify these leads as Crosschq prospects.