Creating and Sharing Wall Tabs

Customize your Wall tabs by subset of specific roles and share them with others to collaborate.

Creating Tabs

To create a tab, click on the + icon at the top:

add tab

Creating tabs is useful if you need to reference the same specific jobs, such as jobs under a department, office or location, or recruiter.

Sharing Tabs

If you want to share a customized view of specific jobs with a colleague, you can do so in a few ways:

Share tab within TalentWall

Share the Tab with another colleague who has TalentWall by clicking on the share icon and selecting the Share Tab option:

The shared tab will be added to your colleague's Wall and will always be there until they remove it. Also, if you share a tab, it is a once-in-time action and the updates the tab creator makes don’t update the other user's tab. In order for the updates on the tab to be seen, the tab creator needs to share the tab through a link, as described below.

Share the tab as a link

Click on the link icon to copy the tab link in your clipboard and paste it to share with a colleague who has TalentWall. The person you share the link with will not be able to edit the page in any way as they can only view it. If the creator of the link makes edits to the tab (using the wrench icon as seen below), these edits will apply whenever a user clicks on this shared link.

Share to Slack

If you have the Slack integration set up in your account settings, you can also send the Wall tab in Slack. With the Slack integration, you can also schedule reports to send automatically. Learn more here.

Download as a PDF

If the person doesn't have TalentWall, you can click on the Download icon and send the PDF to a colleague.

Share a role

You can also share a single role from the Wall by clicking on the share icon located on the right side of a role.

Then paste the link into an email or Slack message to a colleague and they'll see the role when they click on it as long as they have permissions to see it in Greenhouse.