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Configure your Crosschq Connector with Slack

Crosschq has built a connector with Slack, which enables your team to communicate important Crosschq notifications using the Slack channel of your choice.

Follow the steps below to connect your Slack account with your Crosschq account:

  1. Begin by logging in to your Crosschq administrator account, then click Organization Settings > Connectors. Locate the Slack listing on the main panel, then click the Manage button.
  2. Click the Add to Slack button.
  3. Then, log in to Slack and authorize Crosschq to post notifications. Click the Allow button.

  4. Return to the Slack Connector page in Crosschq and choose from the Channel drop-down the Slack channel where you would like Crosschq to send notifications.

  5. To test if the Slack Connector is working correctly, you can send a test message within the selected Slack channel from Crosschq. If the communication with Slack is working properly, a green banner will appear declaring the connection is successful. If the communication fails, a red banner with error text will appear. Follow the steps within the appropriate error message to address the error.

    If you attempt to connect with Slack and receive this error, it is likely due to an issue on the Slack side. Please attempt to connect again to see if that solves the issue. Otherwise, contact support@crosschq.com if this doesn't solve the problem.
  6. If you receive the two error messages below when trying to connect, these are related to issues with the current user permissions in Slack. To resolve these errors, make sure that the Crosschq app is correctly added to Slack. Then disconnect and re-connect the channel connector to renew any connection-token. Otherwise, contact support@crosschq.com.


    When Slack is connected correctly, you will see the green message above letting you know that all is working.

  7. If you want to have Crosschq notifications sent to a private channel, you will need to create a private channel in advance, once you've enabled the connector, invite @Crosschq to that specific channel. Then navigate back to the Slack page within Crosschq, click the refresh icon next to the channel you want to direct notifications to, and select that private channel.

  8. That's it! You will now receive real-time Slack notifications from Crosschq that look similar to this one:

Enabling Slack for Crosschq Recruit

Connecting Recruit Alerts with Slack

 To get started, log in to Crosschq, select Organization Settings, click Connectors, and select the Slack integration. To enable Recruit Alerts on Slack, toggle the slider on.

Once you have enabled the slider, go to Slack. Select the name of the channel so you can view the channel configuration settings. 


Once you have done that, select Integrations. Then select add an app and locate Crosschq. Then, select Add.


Navigate back to the Crosschq platform and go to the Recruit module. From there, set your search terms and create a Crosschq alert for Recruit.


Once the alert has been created, change the alert method to select and select the channel you want the alert to be sent to. 


Then select Create.


Your alert will be saved when you see the Done notification.


Finally, all of your Crosschq Recruit alerts will appear in your Slack channel so you can act quickly on potential new talent. Recruit alerts will look like this: