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Executive Tools: Dashboards and Sharing


Dashboards can be created from Executive Tools, allowing you to save a specific filter criteria on your hiring data.

To create a dashboard, click the "+" icon at the top of the page.

A new window will appear to name your new dashboard tab.

After naming the dashboard and clicking Save, the new tab will be added to your list of dashboards.

Within the dashboard, you can now apply filters to view your hiring data against specific criteria. If any filters have been updated to your dashboard, a Save button will appear. Click this button to retain these updates the next time you navigate to your dashboard.

Upon saving, the GoalsStages SummaryJob Health Status, and Jobs Summary components of the dashboard will reflect the filter criteria.

If within a dashboard you do not want to see a specific Executive Tools component, click the green toggle to the right of the module to hide it from view.

The toggle will turn grey and will collapse the module in the dashboard.

The module visibility (whether it is shown or hidden) will be "sticky" on the dashboard; the layout will stay after leaving and returning to the dashboard.

Sharing a Dashboard

Dashboards can be shared to other members of your team. Once a dashboard has been created, click the vertical ellipsis to the right of the dashboard name. Then, click Send a link.

Recipients of shared dashboards will only have read-access to the dashboard.

A window will appear to configure additional share settings.

Private access means you choose which users can access your dashboard.

Public access means anyone with a link to your dashboard can view it.

If you select Private access, enter the TalentWall users who you want to grant access to your dashboard.

Users that you add will receive an email with a link to view your dashboard. The dashboard will resemble the same layout and filters that you saved, including which modules are exposed and hidden.

Users cannot make any edits to the dashboard. However, they will have the option to save an independent copy to their own Executive Tools. Below is an example header of a shared dashboard.

Recipients may not see the same data as you when viewing your dashboard from a shared link. This is because Executive Tools will only return data based on the users' ATS permissions.

Users can be revoked from private access by clicking the delete icon by their name.

If, instead, you select Public access, you can copy the link to your dashboard and distribute it to any TalentWall user.

Any edits made to your dashboard will also be reflected from the shared link.