Filtering in Analytics

Find the data you need by using filters that apply to entire reports or specific metrics only.

There are two ways to filter for data in Analytics: Override filters and Widget Filters.

Override Filters
In the Widget Library in Analytics, the override filters will be at the top:

Override filters-1

Select which category you want to filter by and then click on "Incl." to include the values or "Excl." to exclude the values. Make sure to click on the blue "Apply" button on the right after making your selections.

You can filter by the following: 

  • Date Range: Enter a specific date range, or use the present filters for YTD, QTD, MTD, Last 3 Months, Last 6 months, or Last 12 months.
  • Department: Filter by departments or sub-departments.
  • Office: Filter by Office/Location
  • Job: Filter by open or closed jobs.
  • User: There are different user roles you can filter by:
    • Hiring Manager: This filters by the Hiring Manager.
    • Candidate's Recruiter: This filters by the candidate's primary recruiter.
    • Candidate's Coordinator: This filters by candidate's coordinator.
    • Application Credited to: This filters by the "Credited to" field on the candidate's application.
    • User: The user filter will filter by the primary recruiter, coordinator, or interviewer, depending on which widget you are looking at. For instance, the "Candidates Interviewed" on the Interview Activity page will filter by interviewer when you filter by a specific user. Read tool tip for more info or check here to see how it will filter by.
  • Sources: Filter either by a specific source or source type.
  • Custom Fields: You can filter by custom fields for jobs, candidates, or offers. Currently we only import custom fields that are not private and must be the following type: single-select, multi-select, yes/no, and user.

    Custom Offer fields that are not private are available by default on the filter, while private offer custom fields need to be enabled by a TalentWall admin in the custom tab of account settings:

custom offer fields

When using the override filters on custom dashboards, they will apply to all the widgets that are on the page, and will replace the filters you have within the widget for that specific filter.

For example, if the Hires per Quarter widget excludes "Engineering" for Department, and "Design" is applied in the override filters, then the widget will be filtered by "Design". 

To clear the override filters, just click on the blue phrase "Clear all" to the right. When you do this, the widgets will revert back to the filters that you have placed within the widget.

Widget Filters
Filters within a widget are only available on a custom dashboard. Simply click on the icon that correlates to the specific filter you want to use:

widget filters

If you're filtering by the same filter in the override filters, then the override filters will replace the widget filter. However the widget filters will be preserved after you clear the override filters.