Greenhouse API Setup

If you're a Greenhouse customer, use these instructions to set up your account with TalentWall.

In order to enable the Greenhouse Recruiting / TalentWall integration, you will need to be a TalentWall admin and the following Greenhouse developer permissions:

  • Can manage ALL organization’s API Credentials
  • Can manage and configure web hooks

You can follow this video here or use the steps below:

Set up your API Key

1. Go to the Dev Center

2. Select API Credential Management:

api cred

3. Click on the blue "Create New API Key" button

new api key

4. Fill out the fields:

  • API Type: Harvest
  • Partner (if applicable): TalentWall
  • Description: TalentWall Harvest API Key
    (Or something similar.)

create new cred

5. Click on the blue Manage Permissions button.

6. Click on the Copy button to copy the API key.
copied api key-1
7. Store the key in a safe place.

8. Click on "I have stored the API Key"

9. At a minimum, the following permissions should be enabled:

Activity Feed
- All permissions

- GET: Retrieve Application
- GET: List Applications
- POST: Advance Application
- POST: Move Application
- POST: Reject Application
- POST: Moves Application to Job
- POST: Unreject Application

- GET: Retrieve Candidate
- GET: List Candidates
- POST: Add Note

Close Reasons
- GET: Get close reasons

Custom Field Options:
- GET: Custom field options

Custom Fields:
- GET: Get custom fields

Demographic Data
- All permissions

- GET: Retrieve Department
- GET: List Departments

- All permissions

Email Templates
- All permissions

Job Openings
- GET: List Openings For a Job

Job Stages
- All permissions

- GET: Retrieve Job
- GET: List Jobs
- GET: Get hiring team

- GET: List Application's Offers
- GET: Retrieve Application's Current Offer
- GET: Retrieve Offer
- GET: List Offers

- GET: Retrieve Office
- GET: List Offices

Prospect Pool
- All permissions

Rejection Reasons
- All permissions

Scheduled Interviews
- GET: List Interviews for Application
- GET: Retrieve Interview
- GET: List Interviews

- All permissions

- All permissions

- DELETE: Remove tag from candidate
- GET: List tags applied to candidate
- GET: List Candidate Tags
- PUT: Add a candidate tag

User Roles
- All permissions

- GET: Retrieve User
- GET: List Users
- GET: List User Job Permissions
- GET: List User Future Job Permissions

10. Once the above permissions have been enabled, click Save at the bottom.

In TalentWall:

1. Click on the blue circle in the top right corner to go to account settings.
2. On the Integrations tab, paste the Greenhouse API key under the Greenhouse API section.
greenhouse api key tw

3. Click on Save and then TalentWall will begin importing data from Greenhouse.

Next, set up your web hooks