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Configure your Crosschq connector with iCIMS

Connecting to iCIMS

Login to your Crosschq administrator account, then click Organization Settings > Connectors item on the menu. Locate the iCIMS listing in the main panel, then click the Manage button.

To connect iCIMS and Crosschq, reach out to iCIMS support as they will provide the Client ID to get the process started and manually enable the connector. Once provided, you will paste the Client ID in the Customer ID section within Crosschq.

Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 10.36.30 AM

Set Templates

Within Crosschq, go to Organization Settings > Templates. Select Create New Template. 

Enter the required information such as template name, add in an ATS Tag for that template if required, and create a description of the template.  

Within the Request Settings, add in the position, select the appropriate survey, and configure the number/type of references you want to be associated with this request. Please note, the relationship type can either be specified or you can select any relationship type and let the candidate determine the type of reference. Additionally, you can add customized notes to each specific reference request, i.e. "Please provide a manager reference from X company."

From there, add in optional hiring manager information. Finally, you can create custom emails or text messages associated with each template by filling out the custom notifications section. When you are done, select Create Template.


At any point, if you need to edit or delete a template select the three dots next to the template and you can manage from there. 


Setting Up the Connector

In iCIMS, go to the job requisition. Select the Crosschq template you want to be associated with the job requisition, and select the tag you created within the Crosschq templates section to ensure you have selected the right template.

image (61)
Within the workflow, you will want to select assign candidate to the Crosschq stage. You will want to repeat this for all desired job requisitions so they have the Crosschq stage. Then you will need to reach out to the Crosschq team to help you build out the various Crosschq statuses, to reflect the updates throughout the process. Please reach out to support@crosschq.com if you don't have a direct contact. 

Sending a Crosschq from iCIMS

As applicants apply, they will be brought into the workflow and can be advanced accordingly as per the usual process. When you identify a person you would like to send through Crosschq, you can advance them to the status of Crosschq within the candidate page. At this time, the connector will launch and an email will be sent both by Crosschq as well as iCIMS. 

Once the applicant has been routed through the connector, they will receive an email from Crosschq requesting that the candidate sign in to their platform and add references.

image (62)-1

As the applicant completes this part of the process, Crosschq will update their iCIMS profile with the appropriate status.

After the applicant has completed their portion, emails will be sent to the references they entered, requesting them to complete the information. Once the references complete their portion, the candidate’s status in iCIMS will be changed to Complete. The URL and Status within the workflow view will reflect this. The Crosschq report will be available on the Screen tab of the Recruiting Workflow profile. Click the link to access the full Crosschq report.

image (63)-2

We have implemented a new auto-cancelation feature, now when candidates are marked as rejected they will automatically have their reference request canceled within Crosschq.