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Introduction to Crosschq Recruit

Understanding Crosschq Recruit

Crosschq Recruit provides customers with prospective candidates interested in job opportunities at their company. At the end of a Crosschq reference survey, a reference will have the option to opt-in to the Crosschq talent pool. Once a reference opts-in to the talent pool, our system then scrapes the web for any and all applicable data to enrich their profiles and give the recruiter a full-picture view of their professional persona to better identify potential candidates for the organization. This information is then provided to recruiters/Crosschq users within the Recruit module. (To get access to the Recruit module, please reach out to an organization Administrator who can grant you access. For more information on how to get access check out the User Types & Permissions article.) Additionally, Recruit users have the option to share their prospects with other organizations in order to also get access to their prospects as well. Organizations will have access to their prospects first for fifteen days, then after the fifteen days, prospects will be released to the overall prospect pool.

Above: Crosschq opt-in page

Above: additional photos of the Crosschq opt-in page

To get access to the Crosschq Recruit module, reach out to support@crosschq.com. Once your account has access to the recruit module you will be able to select this module from the Crosschq homepage.

Above: Crosschq Homepage