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Request Auto-Conclude

How to Enable the Request Auto-Conclude Feature

The request auto-conclude feature allows companies to set a minimum number and/or type of references that need to be received in order to automatically conclude a Crosschq request within a specific period of time. As soon as the minimum number/type of completed reference surveys have been submitted, within a set amount of elapsed days (if this option is selected), the Crosschq request will automatically conclude.

This feature allows companies with high-volume levels of hiring to manage the conclusion rates of reports more easily. (Note: Any references requested beyond the minimum that are not received within the set timeline, will be canceled.)

To enable this feature:

  1. Log in to a Crosschq administrator account
  2. Select the Organization Settings Tab
  3. Select the Request Settings Tab

    Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 2.43.26 PM
  4. Enable the slider within the Request Auto-Conclude section so it is green. Enter the desired minimum number of references necessary to conclude a request. If you want to make to have a specific type of reference in order to conclude the report, select the type from the drop-down menu. (See below this report will conclude once two managers have been completed within two days.) Then select save.
    Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 2.31.33 PM
  5. If you want to only conclude by type of reference, say for instance you only want a report to conclude if there are two manager references completed set the days elapsed to zero. Then select save.
    Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 2.31.44 PM

Auto-Conclude by Template Type

You can also enable auto-conclude for specific templates rather than setting an overall rule for all requests. Go to Organization Settings, Templates, and then select the template that you want to set up an auto-conclude rule for. From here, click edit. Then you can set the specific auto-conclude rule for this template.

Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 2.40.01 PM