Setting up the Teamable Integration with TalentWall

GREENHOUSE_ICON_GREEN.png  For Greenhouse customers

Easily see real-time analytics on your sourced candidates with the Teamable integration.  You must be an admin in Teamable and TalentWall to set this up. Just follow these steps:

Generating your Teamable API for TalentWall™

  1. Select your User Profile Photo in Teamable.
  2. Select "Settings" to go to your User Settings.teamable_settings.png
  3. Select the "Integrations" tab on the Settings page.
  4. Your team should have the ATS selected already, Greenhouse. If not, please check out the article on Integrating Greenhouse with Teamable.
  5. Scroll to the "Manage Teamable Partner Integrations" section and under Teamable API Key, select the "Enable" button.
  6. Copy the key provided.
  7. Visit the Settings link to go directly to the TalentWall™ Settings and skip to Step 11 OR follow the steps below to navigate to the from the TalentWall™ Settings.
  8. On your TalentWall™ dashboard, select the User Profile icon on the top-right corner of the screen.
  9. Select Account Settings
  10. Select the "Integrations" tab.
  11. Scroll down to the "Teamable Configuration" section and paste your copiedTeamable API Key generated earlier.
  12. Select the "Save" button.
  13. Navigate to the "Sourcing" tab here and you'll now see widgets under the Teamable section: