Setting Up Web Hooks in Greenhouse

Set up web hooks in Greenhouse so that data gets synced to TalentWall instantly.

You must be a TalentWall admin and have developer permissions in Greenhouse to set up the web hooks.

Please make sure that you create the API key first as you need to copy and paste it below.

Then set up the web hooks by following these steps:

In TalentWall:

  1. Go to Account settings from the blue circle in the top right.
  2. Then select Integrations, or just click here:
  3. Scroll down to where it says Greenhouse Web Hook Configuration.
    You'll want to copy and paste these Web hook links into Greenhouse.

deletion web hooks

"Never seen" indicates new web hooks that haven't been entered into Greenhouse yet.

In Greenhouse:

  1. Go to Dev Center > Web Hooks > Web Hooks again

    GH web hooks

2.    Under "Create a New Web Hook", select the web hook you want to add under "When".

3.    Name the web hook accordingly so you know which web hook it is:
greenhouse web hook page

4.    Paste the Endpoint URL from TalentWall.

5.    Copy and paste the Secret key from TalentWall.

6.    The Error recipient email is optional, but make sure that the web hook is not disabled:

enable web hook

6.   Click on the blue button that says "Create Web hook."

Then do this manually again for each web hook below. This is a one-time setup that should't take more than 15-20 minutes.

  • Application Updated
  • New Application
  • Candidate Stage Change
  • Candidate Updated
  • Candidate Hired
  • Candidate Rejected
  • Job Deleted
  • Job Updated
  • Job Created
  • Merged Candidate

     Deletion web hooks:
  • Application Deleted
  • Interview Deleted
  • Candidate Deleted
  • Department Deleted
  • Job Stage Deleted
  • Offer Deleted
  • Office Deleted
  • Scorecard Deleted