Supported Voice email variables

Before applying email variables, please note the following:

  1. The availability of email variables in a campaign is dependent on the data pulled into Crosschq, either from an integration (e.g. ATS / HRIS) or a manual import. The variable may return blank to a recipient if we were unable to store a value for the particular field.
  2. We are only able to pull the variables that are relevant to the campaign that was selected. Generally, candidate-centric campaigns cannot pull employee variables, and vice versa.
  3. We recommend running test campaigns first to ensure your email variables are functioning correctly and pulling the expected values.

The following email variables are supported in Voice messages.


  • {recipient_first_name}
  • {recipient_last_name}
  • {recipient_full_name}
  • {recipient_email}
  • {recipient_work_email}
  • {recipient_personal_email}
  • {recipient_birthdate}

Employee Records

  • {employee_first_name}
  • {employee_last_name}
  • {employee_full_name}
  • {employee_start_date}
  • {employee_termination_date}
  • {employee_department}
  • {employee_location}
  • {employee_tenure}
  • {employee_job_position}
  • {manager_first_name}
  • {manager_last_name}
  • {manager_full_name}

Candidate Records

  • {candidate_first_name}
  • {candidate_last_name}
  • {candidate_full_name}
  • {candidate_last_stage}
  • {candidate_department}
  • {candidate_job_position}
  • {hiring_manager_first_name}
  • {hiring_manager_last_name}
  • {hiring_manager_full_name}


  • {organization_name}
  • {organization_location}
  • {organization_state}

Campaign and Survey

  • {campaign_name}
  • {campaign_type}
  • {survey_name}
  • {survey_title}