Using Dashboard Templates

Don't have time to create reports or dashboards? Use our pre-made templates!

We've made reporting even easier by having a pre-built dashboard templates that are ready to go with key metrics already included for you.

We have two templates: New Role Kickoff and Recruiter Activity. If you have Analytics, you can access these dashboard templates by navigating to your Dashboards and clicking on the +  sign at the very top of the page:

plus sign


Then pick the dashboard that you want to add:
new templates

Once you select a dashboard, add the name for it at the top. Then the dashboard will be created as a new tab on your custom dashboard page, under the name you made for it. 

New Role Kickoff template can be used to set expectations with the hiring manager around time to hire, hiring manager/interview panel time commitments, and candidate sourcing. You can filter each widget within the template with jobs that have similar characteristics to the new role to get representative metrics from similar roles. 

Recruiter Activity template is an ideal reporting tool for 1:1s with recruiters and their managers to track activity and pipeline status. It includes metrics around the number of hires, offers, interviews per week, conversion rates, and the diversity and sources of candidates:

You can add any new widgets from the widget library and make adjustments to the layout as necessary by clicking on the Edit layout icon:
edit layout

Once you've finalized all your adjustments to the dashboard, feel free to clear the description box by clicking into it and deleting the content. You can add Headings or more Description boxes from here.