Voice Campaign Manager

Once a Voice campaign is created, the campaign can be tracked from the Campaign Manager page on the lefthand menu.

Campaigns are organized in five different statuses:

  • All - all campaigns created under your org.
  • Active - for a single event campaign, active means there are still outstanding surveys that need to be completed. An event triggered campaign will always stay active until canceled/ended.
  • Paused (upcoming feature) - campaigns that have been manually suspended. Paused campaigns can be reopened to an active state.
  • Completed - single event campaigns where all surveys have been submitted.
  • Canceled - campaigns that have manually ended. Canceled campaigns cannot be reopened.

To view more details of an individual campaign, click the ellipsis to the right of a campaign, and select View Detail.

Survey responses are available from a Campaign Results view, which is organized by question.

For any question that does not require an open text response, the responses can be viewed in multiple chart formats by clicking the dropdown menu on the right.

For any anonymous campaigns, the candidate name column will be removed in the report data.

Individual charts can be copied to your clipboard by the the following icon:

Additionally, if you leverage Crosschq Insights, charts can also be added to Insights dashboards by clicking the arrow icon:

Survey responses can also be viewed by Individual Responses. When toggled to Individual Responses, the survey data is organized by each respondent who was sent a survey.

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 15.24.18

Click View Responses to see the survey completed by the corresponding individual.

For anonymous campaigns, when toggled to Individual Responses, you will see the names of candidates and whether they completed the survey. However, all responses will be disabled.

For both Campaign Results and Individual Responses toggles, you can apply additional filters to your survey data by clicking the filter button.

Filter options will vary depending on the type of campaign being used (e.g. Employee versus Candidate records).

Campaign responses can also be exported to a CSV file by clicking the Export button on the right: