Enabling SSO

How to Enable SSO for Crosschq

Enabling SSO with Crosschq 

Crosschq provides your users with the ability to sign in via Single Sign-On (SSO). With SSO enabled, your users will be able to access your organization’s Crosschq account through your Identity Provider (IdP). 

Which IdP/SSO providers are compatible with Crosschq? 

Crosschq currently provides support for Okta, Azure, Google Auth (coming soon), and OneLogin (coming soon). If you are using another IdP, please contact support@crosschq.com. 

What is the process for setting up Single Sign-On? 

A user with administrator permission can manage and configure SSO settings to enable Single Sign-On directly in your Crosschq account.

Read the following articles to learn how to set up the integration with your SSO provider: