How come I can't see a candidate?

Is the candidate private?  You may not be able to see a candidate depending on the type of permissions the TalentWall admin has given you.  We have three levels of visibility for private candidates: 

  • All: This option would allow the user to see all private candidates.
  • Only Hired: If this is selected, the user will only be able to see private candidates who are marked as hired.
  • None: With this option, the user would not be able to see any private candidates.

This permission will apply everywhere in the app: the Wall, Analytics, and Executive Dashboard Suite. Learn more about private candidates here.

Are you tied to the candidate?
To see the candidate, you need to be the recruiter for the candidate on the profile, an admin in Greenhouse who can see all candidates, or on the hiring team for a job they are applying for. 

In Greenhouse you can check the candidate's Details tab, under the section "Source & Responsibility". Here you can select who the recruiter is for that candidate. So the appropriate recruiter should be selected there for the candidates, regardless of who the primary recruiter is for the position they are applying.

Where are they missing?
Which stage are they missing from? If it's in the offer stage, the candidate needs to have an offer tied to it for the candidate to appear on Analytics. (It'll show up on the Wall though.)