How Data Syncs with TalentWall

Some changes from Greenhouse will be instant, others will require an import

Data is synced between Greenhouse and TalentWall in the following ways:


Data synced through webhooks are in near real-time. You can find which actions have webhooks here if you're a TalentWall admin. Please make sure that you've added all these webhooks to your Greenhouse account so that changes are updated in real-time. Learn more here.

Sync workers

Some changes to scorecards, interviews, and offers can take up to 15 minutes to update because they are updated through our sync workers. 


Other actions require an import of data between TalentWall and Greenhouse. Some of these actions include:

  • User permissions: if someone updated their name or email address in Greenhouse, or changed their permissions, an import is needed to update the user in TalentWall.
  • Tags: Any updates and edits to tags will require an import to reflect in Greenhouse or TalentWall.
  • Stage changes: Stages that are added or deleted will be reflected after an import.
  • Department or sub-department changes: Any departments or sub-departments added, deleted, or edited will require an import to be reflected in TalentWall. 


  • Activity Feed: There should not be any delay in activity feeds on a candidate card on the Wall. This data should be updated every time the card is opened.  

Please note that imports automatically run every evening, Pacific Time. If you have made an update in your ATS and require the data to be reflected in TalentWall before the scheduled evening run, you can reach out to to request a new import. Import completion times will vary based on the volume of customer data and the length of the current import queue.