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Executive Tools: Overview

Executive Tools is a bird's eye view of how you're tracking toward your hiring goals.

For a detailed guide on all Executive Tools features, please view our dedicated resource library here.

There are four components to Executive Tools. Click on the links from each title to get a more detailed outline of each feature:

  1. Goals allows you to track hiring performance against your monthly/quarterly/yearly goals.
  2. Stages Summary displays an overview of your candidates' progression across all of your jobs. Data can be segmented based on various filter criteria including self identified demographic data**.
  3. Job Health Status offers a quick checkup of your jobs based on color indicators.
  4. Jobs Summary provides a closer look at individual job performance in both a table and wall format.

Dashboards can also be built within Executive Tools, allowing further sharing capabilities with other stakeholders. For more information, read here.

** EEOC and demographic data is not available from all ATS integrations. Please contact your CSM or support@crosschq.com if you have questions on this feature.